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Archive Box

39cm x 31cm x 26cm

Perfect for all your archive needs. Double thickness base for support and doesn't require any tape!

$4.95 ea. $

Book Box

41cm x 31cm x 35cm

General small packing box. Single sturdy cushion cardboard. Ideal for books, DVD’s and other small items.

$3.95 ea. $

Boot Carton

44cm x 32cm x 60cm

Suitable for your fragile items such as crockery and glassware.

$4.50 ea. $

2 Ply Tea Chest Carton

43cm x 41cm x 62cm

General large packing box. Twin cushion cardboard. Ideal for domestic and office moves.

$5.50 ea. $

Crystal Carton

41cm x 31cm x 35cm

$3.50 ea. $

Port-A-Robe Carton

60cm x 48cm x 115cm

Packing your wardrobe has never been easier! With steel rail included, just hang your clothes. No folding!

$16.50 ea. $

Picture Carton

104cm x 8cm x 78cm

Ideal for small and medium sized pictures, paintings, mirrors or table tops.

$6.50 ea. $

Flat Pack Carton

98 x 48 x 28cm

$7.50 ea. $

Wine Carton with 2 inserts

49cm x 32cm x 16cm

Perfect for moving and storing your valuable wine.

$5.00 ea. $

Kitchen Carton

Perfect for moving kitchen items. Comes with dividers.

$10.90 ea. $

Square 600 Box

$10.95 ea. $

Cube 300 Box

$3.50 ea. $

Cube 500 Box

$7.50 ea. $

Cube 625 Box

$12.50 ea. $

Golf Box

$7.50 ea. $
  Map Box

$4.80 ea. $

Half Tea Chest

$4.25 ea. $

Bottle Wine Insert

$29.00 ea. $

Corrugated Cardboard

5 Metres

$12.80 ea. $

Corrugated Cardboard

10 Metres

$25.00 ea. $

King Mattress Cover

255cm x 185cm x 35cm

$9.00 ea. $

Single Mattress Cover

225cm x 120cm x 25cm

$5.00 ea. $

3 Seater Lounge Cover

182cm x 305cm

$5.50 ea. $

Lounge Chair Cover

2 pack

$6.50 ea. $

Dining Chair Cover

120cm x 100cm x 25cm

$5.50 ea. $

Tissue Paper (Acid Free)

roll/50 sheets

$2.50 ea. $

Burlap Pad

Green 1.8M x 3.0M

Ideal for protecting goods whilst in storage.

$18.50 ea. $

Standard Grade Pad

Blue 1.8M x 3.0M

Ideal for protecting goods whilst in storage.

$26.50 ea. $

International Pad

1.8M x 3.0M

$17.50 ea. $

Truck Felt Pad

1.8M x 3.3M

$26.50 ea. $

Heavy Duty Pad

1,8M x 3.4M

$35.00 ea. $

Butchers Paper 2.5KG

2.5 KG

Perfect for wrapping your crockery.

$12.00 ea. $

Butchers Paper 5KG

5 KG

Perfect for wrapping your crockery.

$18.00 ea. $

Bubble Wrap 5M

5m x 500mm

Perfect for wrapping your fragile items.

$6.00 ea. $

Bubble Wrap 10M

10m x 500mm

Perfect for wrapping your fragile items.

$11.50 ea. $

Bubble Wrap 50M

50m x 500mm

Perfect for wrapping your fragile items.

$30.00 ea. $

Packing Tape

5cm wide x 75 Metre

$3.95 ea. $
  Heavy Duty Truck Tape (50mm x 30m)

$60.00 ea. $

Tape Dispenser (roll of tape included)

$9.50 ea. $

Pistol Grip Tape Dispenser

$22.00 ea. $

Coloured Truck Ties (50mm x 50m)

$70.00 ea. $

Moving Band Large

$2.40 ea. $

Moving Band Medium

$2.40 ea. $

Moving Band Small

$2.40 ea. $
  Flat Air Freight Container

$8.50 ea. $

Biofill Foam

$12.00 ea. $

Packing Knife

$2.50 ea. $

Marking Pen

$2.50 ea. $

Utility Rope

$5.50 ea. $

Packing Bags

$3.30 ea. $

Vacuum Bag 1pk

$5.00 ea. $

Vacuum Bag 2pk

$7.00 ea. $
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storage king Melbourne

storage king Melbourne

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